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Sococo is an online workplace that adds the magic of co-location back into the day to day life of distributed Agile teams.

Whether you’re in a headquarters, satellite office, home office or you’re with an offshore contractor, Sococo recreates the personal proximity and functionality of a physical office needed by teams in an online experience.

Your team can co-locate online in an office space that is based in a visual map with avatars representing team members. These are real rooms on a real map that are always there – not an abstract notion of a “channel” or “message thread” or “work group”. We’ve created clever features that mimic the things you need to do together in a physical office. Invite to anyone to join you instantly. With a click, video, audio and screen share are instantly up, and a spontaneous meeting has just frictionlessly and immediately started.

Distributed Agile teams use Sococo to self-organize in a way that is taken for granted in a shared physical space – and so crucial to successful Agile development. Agile teams love to work together online in Sococo!


A Sococo online office with an Agile team meeting in progress. We offer many different visual layouts that adapt to your team’s size and specific needs. 


All distributed agile teams face the same problem: how can software organizations in multiple locations truly forge and cultivate an agile mindset when people are not physically co-located?

To truly establish this mindset on a distributed Agile Enterprise team, you need an online place where everyone comes together to connect and interact as if they were in the same physical location. This is where Sococo comes in.

Whether you’re in headquarters, satellite office, home office or offshore contractor, Sococo brings all your employees together and allows you to just naturally get what’s going on with everyone at a glance.