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Crystal Quality

Crystal Quality® is one of the most innovative, up-to-date call and screen data interaction recording solutions available on the market.

Crystal Quality® offers the most comprehensive recording and monitoring solution to fit all types of environments and customer needs. From TDM to VoIP, from smaller contact center operations to large, multi-site, multi-branch, high-end environments, from total recording to business-oriented selective recording, you can easily deploy and configure your Crystal Quality® recorder to meet your exact business needs.

In addition, the Crystal Quality® powerful call center quality monitoring and management solution enables you to give scores, evaluate and report agent behavior and performance in order to maximize the efficiency of your call center employees.

With the optional Crystal Quality® agent application, the system can collect additional business information directly to the employee desktop application screen. The application offers control of recordings (PCI-DSS compliant pause and resume recording) and allows customer service representatives to collect and categorize business data.

Why choose Crystal Quality® software solutions?

  • Cutting edge, feature-rich recording software package
  • Easy to install and easy to use deploy and maintain
  • Unified recording platform
  • Proven successful – About 500 installations around the world
  • Affordable – Very attractive price list and no hidden costs, with dynamic license
  • authorization (DLA)
  • Multiregional support network
  • Flexibility – third party recording software migration capabilities
  • Next generation business continuity – High availability and lightning-speed disaster recovery
  • Support – Professional online technical support, remote training

Mobile and Desk Phones Recording

CIS is launching a new recording solution, together with Spikko, that addresses the need for a centralized and long-term recording for all agents and business employees, both for desk and mobile phones. The solution can be implemented on an existing recording server or a new designated one.

CIS customers that are using the call and screen recording system, and are familiar with the user-friendly web interface, will continue to use it with the capabilities of searching and replaying recordings of mobile calls as well.

Customers that do not enjoy CIS recording system, would be able to get a dedicated system only for mobile call recording and start using a user-friendly system.

The offered solution for mobile call recording is fully automated and is not performed or executed on the actual device. The solution allows an organization to record all business calls without recording private calls. At the same token, the organization owns the business mobile numbers therefore, there is no need to update the customers with a new mobile number when there is an employee’s turnover.

How is it done?

CIS collaborated with Spikko to offer an organization a GSM global mobile service. There is no need to change the employee cellular ice package with the mobile operator. The mobile device will be assigned with a virtual number that is owned by the organization, forever. This technology supports the BYOD (bring your own device) growing trend, since an employee would be able to use their current service and for business purposes will use the assigned business owned virtual number. This generate a quick ROI against the recruiting costs.

All you need to do is to install an app with the virtual business number on the employee device. This mobile number would be the official work number for the specific employee. This number will be used for all business calls – incoming and outgoing including text messages. The unified integrated system will manage the service and will save the calls on the recording server. The system has an advanced search and play capabilities available to authorized users, based on company’s permission list.

Unified Call Recording Solution


Crystal Quality® is a compliant call and screen recording and quality management solution. It offers a wide range of functionalities that support various business requirements.

It is a high-quality system with a user-friendly interface and an easy installation and with high reliability and low service costs. Remarkable high-density solution with up to 500 concurrent recordings per server.

The system backups all the data on the organization’s backup servers and can be performed in up to 3 different locations. Upon demand, there is a full restore capability with a touch of a button. The backup is there forever based on the storage size and is managed in FIFO configuration.

The system supports screen recording in synchronization with the voice recording. The permission settings guarantee access to the recordings only to authorized users. The solution is based on a server with Crystal Quality® software that enables Active recording from PBX that supports it or via Port Mirroring.


Integration – As a total, cross-platform recording solution, Crystal Quality® provides a wide support list for a variety of PBX platforms, CTI types and VoIP protocols, with proven integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys and more.
Supported PBX list – Crystal Quality supports recording compatibilities with all major TDM, analog and VoIP PBXs vendors.