Intelligent PDU


RPCM, a power management device for remote power control of equipment installed in data centers.

RPCM combines functions of remote power management, automatic transfer switching without interruption of connected devices, short circuit protection and power consumption metering at each output independently.

RPCM has 2 power inputs and 10 power outputs.

This device has no competing products in the market.



ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

When surges are detected or there is a power loss on one of the inlets, all electricity consumers are switched over to another power inlet without interruption in power supply.

Remote power management of each output

System administrators can turn on/off and restart any of the 10 outputs without visiting the site where equipment is installed and they can control unauthorized connection/disconnection of equipment, accidental supply cable unplugging or PSU failure on connected equipment.

Short circuit protection at each output

When short circuit occurs on one of the connected devices, RPCM will cut off only that device, leaving all other devices up and running – so that devices connected to other outputs on RPCM and other devices powered from the same power input stay on. Since ATS is used for reserving the power input, short circuit protection on RPCM prevents both of the input power lines from switching off and all the equipment in the rack from turning off due to one failed device, and relieves from the following struggle of finding the failed device before the power in the rack is restored.

Indication of proper grounding

RPCM prevents damage and failures of equipment, while increasing electrical safety by automatic monitoring and indication of proper grounding.

Configurable limits of current consumption at each output

System administrators can prevent fire-hazardous situations by setting current limits at each output and configuring notification of administrators or automated power cutoff at the output where an equipment exceeding set limits was detected.

Configurable output activation sequence and delays to ensure proper site start-up after complete site power loss events

System administrators can guarantee powering on of the equipment after full blackout, as well as setting the sequence and delays during startup after full power cutoff, to ensure proper startup of IT infrastructure and information systems.

Electric power meters at each output

Commercial data centers can offer best prices to their customers for colocation services in comparison to their competitors, thanks to the possibility of individual power consumption metering detailed up to a single client device.

Highest density in industry of managed power outputs with electricity meters per 1U for systems with ATS

10 managed outputs per 1U. As a result, one less power management device per rack is required, as compared to competitors.





Protect your investments and manage them effectively


One of the key factors in mining is electric power for the farm.

The extent of its proper organization impacts the degree of effectiveness the farm has in bringing in profits. Not only do failures, stalls, overheating and crashes create setbacks to recouping your investment, but they can also cause damage to equipment and even lead to investment loss, if a fire were to occur.

The remote power control module RPCM ME allows you to not only reduce risks, but also boost the effectiveness of your farm’s performance in mining cryptocurrency.


Simultaneous connection of up to 10 ASIC or GPU farms 15кВт – 63А, 10 outlets x 230В
Automatic reset of ASIC in the event of decreased hash rate Remote turn on/off or reset on each ASIC
Protection from fires Protection from stalls
Power consumption meter on each ASIC Protection from short circuits
Remote monitoring of connection status Diagnostics feature for detecting properly connected grounding


Protection from fires

Fire hazard prevention by means of:

  • setting individual current consumption limits on each outlet
  • notifying administrators
  • automatically cutting off power to the device that exceeded the specified limit


Protection from short circuits

In the event that a short circuit occurs on one of the connected devices, RPCM ME will automatically cut off power only to that affected device.


Diagnostics feature for detecting properly connected grounding

RPCM ME prevents against equipment malfunction and failures and increases power safety during equipment use thanks to automatic monitoring and proper grounding indication.


Protection from stalls

RPCM ME allows you to:

  • perform automatic resets, if the hash rate decreases
  • plan boot and shutdown of individual devices
  • set activation delays

You can perform preventative resets (e.g. to cool down devices) and eliminate stalls entirely.


Remote monitoring of connection status

RPCM ME’s remote power management of individual outlets allows you to control cases of unauthorized shutdowns, accidentally unplugged cables, and power supply malfunctions on the device, without having to go on site.


Power consumption meter in each ASIC

By giving you power meters on each individual outlet, RPCM ME provides you with a full understanding of power usage – whether it’s for any one of the devices or for all of them combined – eliminating the need to manually monitor consumption on each outlet by personnel or use of wattmeters.